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Qwings Ltd. made a long succesful experience in Selection of Flight Crew- and Management personel for our different Airlines customers.

Our Flight Crew and Management selection process is designed to achieve the highest level of predicted success for both the Candidats and the Airlines. Equally important are qualitative assessments of personal qualities such as maturity, confidence, motivation, interest in working, and interest in the role and lifestyle of a Airline employ. These factors will be examined throughout an applicant's involvement with Defence Force Recruiting, Screening Program and the Officer Selection Board.

The whole process is competitive in nature and applicants are ranked against each other. The Selection always draws from the top down. Applicants are pooled and must compete for selection to Screening Program. If successful at that stage, applicants are pooled again and must compete for appointment to a particular Service. Therefore we are supporting you in the following areas:

  • Adminsistration
  • Collecting of all Documents
  • Organisation of Selection Days
  • Interview
  • Test (knowledge, psychological, pesonality etc.)
  • Simulator (if required)
  • Group Assessment
  • Post Dutys
  • Debriefing
  • Establishing of test result
  • Board Decisions