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Flight Data Monitoring


Beginning January 1st 2005, the legislation according to JAR-OPS1 requires the implementation of the Flight Data monitoring (FDM) combined with the Flight Operation Quality Assurance Process (FOQA) for commercially operated aero-planes with a maximum take-off weight of 27'000 kg and more.

Our services

Qwings AG a Swiss company based in Reinach specialized in providing aeroplane operators with an integrated solution to the task of flight data evaluation.

Select from our services:

  • Concept and support to evaluate the appropriate software tool for your “in house “ software solution
  • Frame definition of limitations and exceedences
  • Definition of the “non punitive system” according JAR OPS 1 for your flight safety process
  • Cost-efficient analyse and evaluation of your flight data performed by Qwings AG

Our support and services are designed to help you establishing the mandatory Flight Data Monitoring together with the Flight Operation Quality Assurance Process FOQA in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Our experienced staff can provide comprehensive support and on a require- ments basis provide the services of the Flight Safety Officer (FSO). This outsourced solution will help you to establish the FOQA internal process required by your Authority on an anonymous and neutral basis.

The Process

Conversion of the recorded flight data’s will be made under the most modern safety aspects with the expected discretion on a specially configured server. Your data’s will be transferred electronically (via Internet, FTP or secure-net) to our system. The software automatically converts the raw data (Binary data) and evaluates your flights after a given pattern of limitations – Company, Authorities and/or the Aircraft manufacturer. If the processed data’s show excessive flight situation your decision maker (Flight Safety Officer, Postholder etc.) will receive the information via email. This provides fast access to information at any time about possible events, being of concern for either the flight operation or the technical department. You can then on any further steps and measures. In addition, we can supply in each case the detailed documents for each flight with basic diagrams up to and including the complete animation of the flight. Since each company has its own, password-protected account on our server, you can have autonomous access any time your evaluated data records. At the same time, we provide you regularly with statistics showing the tendency of incidents in order to evaluate changes in your standard operating procedures (SOP's), crew training, trends or improvement of economic aspects for the optimization of your operation.